Copy of Our Production

Transparent Supply Chain 

“fairly made in Europe” 

The only way we can truly be sustainable is to be present at each step of the supply chain. The whole journey our bathrobes takes can be traced from farm to our warehouse. 

 We are proud and confident with our products' journey to disclose our entire supply chain. 

Organic Cotton Farming and Spinning by Kadıoğlu 

All of our products are made from single origin organic cotton. We have selected to be certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) because we believe it is the most comprehensive certification for organic textiles. The organic cotton farms are managed by our long-term partner Kadıoğlu Tarım. Kadıoğlu is based in Izmir in the heart of the Aegean Region. Kadıoğlu Tarım was established in 1903. In addition to managing the organic cotton farms, they also assist farmers in transitioning to organic farming.  

Kadıoğlu also takes cares of ginning and spinning of the yarns. Their organic cotton is ginned and spinned also in accordance with the GOTS regulation. 

Our Organic Cotton

Fabrics by Manifutura 

The next step in our production process involves fabric manufacturing, a crucial step that contributes significantly to the distinctive look and feel of our products. We have carefully selected Manifutura, a fabric manufacturer based in Izmir, as our nominated supplier to oversee the fabric production and finishing stages. Manifutura specializes in the manufacture of sustainable fabrics, with a particular emphasis on organic materials. 

Yarns from Kadioglu are transported to Manifutura, accompanied by Transaction Certificates that guarantee GOTS-compliant transition and specify the origin. This partnership enables us to minimize the carbon emissions associated with transportation, as both companies are located in the same city of Izmir. By prioritizing local suppliers, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive contribution to the environment. 

Cut Sew by Egedeniz

Our products are produced at Egedeniz, a renowned organic textile manufacturer located in Izmir, Türkiye. Established in 1993, Egedeniz was the first certified organic textile company in Türkiye and has since become a trailblazer in the industry. With a deep understanding of organic textile production, Egedeniz is committed to delivering high-quality products that meet our specific needs. 

In addition to their expertise in organic textiles, Egedeniz is dedicated to supporting local communities through collaborations with local NGOs. One of the company's most notable initiatives is its living wage program, which is a rare and commendable practice in the textile industry. This commitment to fair compensation demonstrates Egedeniz's social responsibility towards its workforce. 

Furthermore, Egedeniz is dedicated to sustainable practices, with a focus on reducing its environmental impact. The company is powered by solar energy, making its production processes less impactful on the environment. 

Overall, Egedeniz's dedication to quality, social responsibility, and sustainability sets it apart in the organic textile industry. We are proud to partner with such a reputable and responsible manufacturer.

Steps Taken at Egedeniz

  1. Fabric Cutting: Fabrics are cut in accordance with the pattern to minimize waste and ensure efficient use of materials. 
  2. Pattern Sewing: The patterns are skillfully sewn together by our experienced craftsmen to create high-quality products that meet our customers' specifications. 
  3. Quality Control: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our rigorous quality control process. Every product undergoes thorough inspection to identify any imperfections or errors in production. If any mistakes are found, they are carefully separated to be either recycled or repurposed,ensuring that only the best products reach our customers. 
  4. Hangtag Attachment: Each item is professionally equipped with a hangtag.

Arrival to Our Warehouse in Bremen

Our products are delivered to our warehouse in Germany via a combination of transportation methods, prioritizing eco-friendly approaches to minimize carbon emissions. Specifically, we utilize ships, trains, and trucks for transportation, but strictly avoid air freight. This environmentally conscious approach allows us to reduce our carbon footprint while ensuring timely and efficient delivery of our products.