Our Sustainability Promise

Bathrobe.eco is Europe’s first 100% organic online shop for bathrobes & home textiles. 

GMO Free Turkish Organic Cotton Logo

Raw Materials

We adhere to rigorous material selection criteria, all over products are made from single origin organic cotton. Single origin is organic cotton grown within a single known geographical origin. Our single origin organic cotton is sourced exclusively from the Aegean Region of Türkiye, ensuring traceability and quality from seed to garment.

Our Organic Cotton


We are proud to carry Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) logo on all our products. GOTS is the most comprehensive organic textile standard in the world. Every step of the supply chain undergoes thorough independent audits conducted by authorized third party entities to ensure compliance with the stringent requirements set forth by the GOTS organization. The standards not only guarantee a safer final product for consumers but also promote better health and working conditions for the farmers and workers who handle these items. GOTS restricts the utilization of comprehensive range of hazardous chemicals, which have been scientifically established to adversely affect human well-being or the environment.

Organic Cotton Plant


The only way we can truly be sustainable is to be present at each step of the supply chain. The whole journey our bathrobes takes can be traced from farm to our warehouse.

Our Supply Chain